Pushkar Ghanekar

West Lafayette, IN · pghan-remove-eka@purdue.edu

Hello! I am a doctoral candidate in the Davidson School of Chemical Engineering at Purdue University, advised by Jeffrey P. Greeley. Data aesthete at heart, understanding the molecular-level behavior of the catalyst through data and science is the main focus of doctoral research.

Besides research, I love to teach and help improving scientific literacy. Presently, I am involved in developing a data science & machine learning crash course for the summer REU (Research Experience for Undergraduate) cohort.

Outside of work, I enjoy cooking (link to some latest experiments), gaming, diving deep in arcane internet rabbit holes, reading philosophy, and going on longer-than-necessary bike rides.

I maintain a Data Science blog where I document my thoughts, notebooks, tips, and list of helpful resources.

Promoting a Safe Laboratory Environment Using the Reactive Hazard Evaluation and Analysis Compilation Tools

Reactive Hazards Evaluation Analysis and Compilation Tool (RHEACT) helps identify likely shazards when planning lab-scale experiments.

March 2021

Catalysis at Metal/Oxide Interfaces: Water Gas Shift at Pt/MgO Boundaries

Developing multi-component catalyst model to simulate the metal/oxide interface as an active site for water-gas shift reaction.

April 2020

Electronic and Structural modification of Pt-V alloy and its consequences for Propane Dehydrogenation Catalysis

Electronic characterization of the Pt-V alloy phase for propane dehydrogenation using theory and experiments to understand the factors influencing the reaction selectivity and catalyst stability.

January 2020
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