Pushkar G. Ghanekar

Data tinkerer. Tech enthusiast. Peregrinating epicure.


I’m Pushkar Ghanekar, engineer by training currently a research scientist in Eli Lilly’s Global Discovery Chemistry & Cheminformatics team. My work involves developing AI-based methods in chemistry and synthesis-planning to augment human creativity and maximize serendipty.

I completed my Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University in August 2021. While at Purdue, I worked on building molecule-level understanding of catalysts to further our understanding of chemical transformations and reaction dynamics.

You can read more about my Ph.D. journey here.

Besides research, I love to teach and share science with as many people as possible.

Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, gaming, diving deep in arcane internet rabbit holes, reading history and philosophy, and going on longer-than-necessary bike rides.

On the side, I maintain a data science blog where I document my thoughts, tips, and list of helpful resources related to chemical science, algorithms, and code.

Sic Parvis Magna


Oct 4, 2021 Started in Eli Lilly & Company as research scientist focusing on cheminformatics. :pill: :crystal_ball:
Aug 11, 2021 Presenting the work on Graph-based machine learning framework at ACS Fall 2021 (virtual oral presentation)
Aug 6, 2021 Successfully completed my Ph.D. thesis defense! :sparkles: :smile:
Aug 1, 2021 Successfully completed a 10-week mentoring assignment for CISTAR and Purdue REU