“Music is the space between the notes” - Claude Debussy

Transition phrases are writing devices which help bridge ideas and guide the reader through the prose. When used strategically and sparingly they make author’s thought process more clearer to the reader.

Transitions phrases as also helpful even when delivering talks. Sprinkling them in your talk helps make necessary connections between present slide and the information in the previous slide, which is not directly available to your audience.

Below listed are some examples of transition phrases I tend to visit periodically. I have categorized them roughly based on the function.

Connect and follow-on an idea

furthermore as an example in fact
likewise for instance moreover
for example as well as similarly
another reason along with whereas
again coupled with simply said/put
correspondinly speaking of in turn
identically along those lines in addition to

Words that show cause

accordingly otherwise as you can see
as a result as is the case today for all those reasons
because so then presumably
consequently subsequently this after all
due to therefore whereas
hence this is why simply said
for this purpose/reason incidently it stands to reason
perhaps following this as was typical

Words that show contrast

instead nevertheless although
on the other hand in contrast however
on the contrary whereas even though
other than yet different from
besides even though that said
otherwise however nonetheless
notwithstanding conversely as opposed to

Words that add emphasis

certainly certainly in essence
no doubt (undoubtedly) of course unquestionably
indomitably obviously especially
above all particularly for the most part
as a rule in effect chiefly
it stands to reason in this situation primarily
in fact indeed surely
specifically with this in mind another key point


in brief in short wrapping up
to sum up to conclude circling back
in sum in the end given these points
all in all by and large ultimately
as a rule in effect chiefly


that being true to be sure of course
naturally granted admittedly