Finished a 10-week mentoring program with CISTAR and Purdue REU (Research Experience for Undergraduate).

I had the wonderful opportunity to mentor incoming cohort of four undergraduate student researchers as part of the SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowhip) program at Purdue University in collaboration with CISTAR NSF Engineering Research Center and Data Mine.

The project was to develop and test a mutli-class machine learning classification models to classify chemical reactions based on molecular fingerprints. The objective for the project was to clean, pre-process the training data, setup the training workflow for the model fitting, validate and optimize model parameters, and finally, test the model on the held-out test dataset. The expertise and dataset for the work was provided by the Savoie Group with the computational resources provided by Data Mine and RCAC at Purdue.

The mentoring assigment culminated with undergraduate researchers presenting their work at the annual SURF symposium and writing a research publication explaining their work and contribution. Two out of the four reseachers were recognized at the symposium for their work and awarded the ‘Outstanding First Time Resarcher’ Award.